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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Book Report & Give Away: Encountering Our Wild God by Kim Meeder

I promised a review of Kim's book when I finished it. Here it is!!
I had the blessing of meeting Kim this summer briefly at our Regen 2018 church conference where she was a guest speaker. Her stories of encountering God, knocked my socks off! Seriously.

So, I want to introduce Kim to you all. She is above all else a humble God-girl who has experienced the deep painful loss of both her parents when she was nine years old in a homicide-suicide--BUT GOD--has been beyond abundantly real and healing in her story from that very first moment she screamed out to Jesus, to her daily ministry where she serves along with her husband on a youth ranch for wounded horses and people.

Kim and her husband Troy, have built a horse ranch called Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch in Bend, Oregon and have been faithful to walk with others to expand that ministry in over two hundred similar ranches.

She is a wilderness girl at heart, who sees. I mean, she sees. She is very visual and paints wonderful stories that help you see what the Spirit is showing her through relationships, wounded starving horses, and God's amazing wild creation. She grew up learning the wilderness with her dad and grandfather, learning to ski, and track animals. So, being a country girl, I totally loved that!

I was raised tagging along behind my dad to the woods to hang tree stands, read animal tracks, know the trees and the wind, and hunt with coon dogs. I sat for hours as a five year old watching the hunters tan furs. Iron traps from my grandfather and father hung in our garage along side the drying furs. I thought stomping through the creek in the woods was the best fun on the planet when I was a kid. I also thought my dad walked on water. Kim thought hers did too. Every small child wants to believe this about their parents and those they love.

But all of us grow up and realize everyone crashes beneath the waves at some point. And when we experience pain and disappointment we can lose our wonder and connection the Father created for us to learn how much He loves us--to show us He still walks on water...  He still reaches for our hands... We all have a choice: hang onto pain, hurt, disappointment--or get out of the boat to walk on the water with Him...  reach up to take His hand when the waves have overcome our feeble attempts...

Each chapter of this book tells a very real encounter through everyday life and how God spoke to Kim, how He showed up in very real, beyond-impossible ways that will rock you! In a crazy good way. Here's a little sample:

How many horse lovers out there?
If not horses, cat lovers? That's me!

This week, my daughter has been sad she's missing our 17 year old cat who died two years ago. We were walking next door to grandma's house to pick tomatoes and cucumbers. She was moaning that saying that she'd decided she just decided she'd have to go to an animal shelter and pet cats as her cat therapy. We talked as we worked about visiting a farm near our church across the county to pet barn cats. As we walked back home, at the end of the driveway, the very spot she'd uttered her need--"meow"--there sat a black cat. The very image and twin of our previous 17 year old cat! We knelt and she came right to us, rubbed up against her, and started to purrrrrr....and my girl started to smile. She grinned ear to ear--"mamma, Jesus heard me!"

The thing is--we all needed a cat! Me. My husband, my daughter, and my son.
Sometimes, like the lady in Kim's video story above, you just need to know you aren't alone.

You just need to know He hears you. He sees you.

How do you find the voice of God in nature, through animals, or through others to give you hope?

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