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Monday, January 15, 2018

Welcome to My Dirt Road...

Anne here. That's how many of you know me to post on my old blog that started five years ago with Jaime Jo Wright and finished to include Erica Vetsch and Gabrielle Meyer. But the time has come to close down our blog at Coffee Cups & Camisoles where you'll find all my old posts, and begin anew.

So...welcome to my dirt road...where love for vintage Americana thrives, history is rich and deep, words and stories are power, and the coffee is always on...

Vintage Americana.
What's that, you say? To me it's anything historically inviting, lost, preserved, or treasured...from our American past. If you love vintage, you know it when you see it--that thing, or story that pulls on your curiosity, that reflects days gone by, that item that holds a memory, that holds a story, that once affected lives... And you just haaaave to wonder about who made it, touched it, or wrote it.
A quilt. A desk. A tool. A faded color. An old photo with nameless faces. A curled document, yellowed with time, with old cursive script. If you love know what I mean.

History addict.
That's me. Oh. My. Word. My high school history teacher would never have guessed that's me. He was the high school baseball coach and very old school. He was white-haired tough old breed type of coach and teacher. He scared me a bit but I still joined up to become a bat-girl for the boy's team because I loved baseball--what vintage loving girl doesn't love baseball?! But it was the study of the Stamp Act early in the term on a quiz of ten questions worth ten points each that I quickly realized I could flunk history if I didn't get serious. I managed to pull my C minus to a B by end of term, but it was in the archive room at Fort Wayne, Indiana, scrolling through microfilms of 19th century census records with my mom, that I actually fell head long in love with history. Oh, well, maybe it was before that in second grade when Mrs. Andrews read us all of the Little House books, and in fifth grade when I slept under a hand stitched quilt on a hay tick at my great aunt's Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Still, it wasn't until the Stamp Act quiz of 11th grade that I knew...history is a thing people can get sucked's one ginormous fascinating story!

Words and stories...?
My father is a story teller. My mother is a story keeper.
From little up, I was enthralled with my father's good story telling, whether of his childhood adventures, misadventures, or faith stories, or his reading aloud a well-written story to my mother around the table that brought a tear to our eyes, or reciting a poem he'd memorized, such as When Father Carved the Turk from Uncle Charlie's Poems, or a hilarious half German-half English tale of humor that had me and my cousins in stitches, holding our sides. It was my mother who always had notebook in hand, a pencil at the ready, down on her knees to look into my bent over great grandmother's eyes to ask her the details of her life, committing memory, names, details, and dates to the page. My mother recorded details, how much things cost, how her grandmother thought of the Great Depression, and the memory of touching the horses noses in the barn. She taught me how to sleuth through genealogy records, tromp through cemeteries for dates, and how primary research of original documents is paramount to good research. Then, at the kitchen table, while in tears over my first major writing assignment in middle school, she coached me to put my thoughts into words. I cried. She edited. I stammered. She helped me make sentences. I hated it--until I realized that words hold power and stories become lost unless we take the time to tell them and write them.

Why all this coffee on my dirt road?
Because I love everything country and backwoods. I live on a dead end dirt road in the woods. I love everything about quiet country living. I was raised mushroom hunting and berry picking with my toes in the garden dirt and my feet running around fresh cut grass on a summer's night. There is nothing better to brew than a hot cup of joe while I reminisce about my childhood here, about raising my children here, or preparing for the next generation. There is nothing better to brew while I dig into some genealogy, or brainstorm my next story. I joke a lot that it's the black brew that fuels me, but it's truly prayers, faith, friends, and family that fuel me.

So if you love a little vintage, 
if you get sucked into history, 
if you're addicted to a great story or cup of brew, and if you love hearing how faith is woven through family're on the right  dirt road. 
Pull up a chair at my country table. Sit next to the fire. Let's chat.
I hope to share her about my stories, my writing, my research, and about
faith, family, and life.
I'd be honored if you'd share your comments from time to time.
Welcome to my dirt road...
P.S.  I love tea too...

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  1. YAY! Your blog!! I'm so excited to follow you and read about your lovely vintage love and coffee. :) I was NOT excited about history at all in High school. I don't blame my teacher, even though she was stuffy and didn't make it any fun. :) I think it was that she focused so much on dates and not actual stories or behind the scenes stories that it was boring to me. It wasn't until I started hearing stories from my grandparents, parents and seeing old heirlooms that it hit me what a wonderful treasure trove they had and I could hear all about it!! I still love those stories today.

    1. Susan! Great to have you hop over here and follow along! History should always be made fun, don't you think?!

  2. Yay! Will still get a taste of CCC!

    1. Thanks for hanging out on my dirt road, MH! :)

  3. I love the novella collections books!!! I signed up for your newsletter and followed your blog. Thank you for the chance to win a copy of "Of Rags and Riches"

    wfnren at aol dot com

  4. Good luck on your new blog. mommystuck1(at)optonline(dot)net

  5. I love vintage things too. I treasure things passed down from my grandmothers, mom, and aunts, whether it is jewelry, lace, my grandmother's embroidery or her early 1900's dressmaking course and patterns. Your new blog sounds like it will be quite interesting. I'm following you over from Coffee Cups and Camisoles.

  6. Congrats on the new blog! What an exciting new adventure, striking out on your own. Will be following along on your journey!

    1. Melissa, great to have you here. Thanks for being so loyal in following and supporting this journey!

  7. Hi again Anne. Great to know you have a blog. I previously signed up for your newsletter. I will also sign up for the blog.

    1. Oh Gail, you've been so loyal and it's been so fun getting to know you. I'm glad to have you follow!

  8. Hey Anne, I love your new blog! I'm following!


    1. Caryl!! Your support humbles me! Thank you! And I love Psalm 103 too! Forget not His benefits...

  9. Awesome new blog Anne! I've subscribed to you via email and your author website :-) I already read & reviewed the Rags to Riches novella collection so I will skip the giveaway. Just wanted to pop in and congratulate you! Many blessings, Anne.

    1. Oh Trixi, thanks!!! Many blessings upon blessings to you as well. :)

  10. The winner of the give away is...... durum rollll.....
    MH! Mindy Houng! Watch for any email!


Welcome to my dirt road...let's chat!

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