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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Happy New Year--2019!!

Anne here. I'm looking over the books I've read this last year as I close out 2018 and bring in 2019. Beside countless hours scouring,, and out of print Google books while researching family history or digging up things in history that fascinate me, I've accomplished reading a stack of eleven books this year.

Each of these has taught me something valuable for 2018, and I'm ready to think about what 2019 might bring. I did the David study over months and months of slowly digesting and working through the chapters in the mornings. There's no need to purchase the CD's in order to get the meat out of it. It's very doable on your own or with a group, but I found so much depth doing it on my own. The margins of my study guide are filled with notes and thoughts, sort of like Bible journaling.

Of course, Laura Frantz's books are my all time favorite and I'm waiting for her next release to hit my mailbox this month! I also enjoyed Jocelyn Green. I found America's First Daughter, about Thomas Jefferson's daughter, at the local bookstore on the general market display and really loved it. I'm also planning to order their next one, My Dear Hamilton.

Many of you know that Jaime Jo Wright and I started a blog that we hosted for five years, Coffee Cups & Camisoles (you can find old posts through the link at the bottom of the page), and I'm excited to celebrate our ten year friendship-versary this year. We met at 2009 Denver ACFW conference, and it's been a complete joy to watch her launch her first major contracts, including The Reckoning at Gossamer Pond, with a Poe-esk feel to the split time suspense.

New-to-me-Author, Joanna Politano, brings the reader into an amazing tale of treasure-seeking in A Rumored Fortune that reminded me of George MacDonald-meets-Julianne Donaldson. I'll certainly be watching for her next release!

Last week I just typed "THE END" to my fourth full length novel and I'm ready to write up the proposal and send it off to my agent. Authors always have lots of stories on the back burners of their minds. Mine tend to spring out of things I'm researching. I've been diving deeper into the colonial period and post-Revolutionary War period where many of my ancestors traveled over-the-mountains into the hills of Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana. I picked up this review, Christians of the American Revolution, to give me an overview of the moral-religious times these people lived through. It's a little heady, but still interesting and surprisingly universal to everything our world still faces.

Little sneak peek of my latest story setting...

I like to mix some nonfiction reads with my fiction reading and writing. I find it grounds me and balances me. I was profoundly impressed with Kim Meeder's stories this year after hearing her speak at a church conference. Don Miller and Sarah Arthur's books I picked up at ECPA's Art of Writing conference. There's always a slot for studying the craft of writing and story! And lastly, though I didn't read the entire book, I always have lofty dreams of reading classics, and tried to digest C.S. Lewis's The Problem with Pain.

I can't wait to find out what lies on the pages of 2019!
Readers, what did you read this past year?
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