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Monday, February 12, 2018

Vlogging it Up!

Hey readers! I'm mixing it up a bit by trying a vlog-post this week. I'll take you along on some research fun I've had today, digging through Revolutionary War records for my 6x's great uncle on my paternal side. I've been looking at the 1780's as our ancestors migrated over the mountains to settle Kentucky and Indiana. What I found today will give us a peek back in time to hear the actual words of my great uncle, Adam Motherall.

Pension Application for Adam Motherall: stating he was in the service of General George Rogers Clark! In case you didn't know who this general is the older brother of William of the well known Rogers & Clark expeditions. George is known as the highest ranking officer in the Northwest Territory during the Revolutionary War and often credited for making way for the treaty with Paris in 1783 that ceded the Northwest Territory to the United States.

There are eleven pages of handwritten testimony on Adam's behalf, including his original signature. Upon completion of his testimony, he was indeed granted a pension for his years of service, of which he testified he'd never received "one cent" for until his pension was granted.

Until that day, is payment was simply freedom.
The cost though, I'm sure, was precious and dear.
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