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Monday, July 16, 2018

Monday's Devo: Barely Hangin' On?

Anne here. Ever feel like you're barely hangin' on? Sometimes the world is spinning so fast that all each day seems to have time for is tryin' to hold everything together. You know the laundry list.

Organize stuff.

And that's only the stuff you are physically doing. Then there's the competition for the other list in your head while your body is doing all the doing.

Pray more.
Listen more.
Try to hear God.
Am I really hearing?
What did she really think?
What do I think?
What do I know?
But I know about that!
I wonder if...
I wish...
I want my kids to....
God please...!!!!
If he would just....
Why can't I...???
I don't care if....
What do you mean...??
What is your deal, seriously?
But I'm right.
Didn't I tell them to...?
But I want it this way.
Oh. Pray more.
Listen more.
Be still.

I pull out my devotion at 5 a.m. because I can't sleep. I'm not sure if I want to sing, sit, ask, or listen before the list in my head starts. So instead I scroll through Pinterest and sip my coffee, and there's this:

Thud. That hit my heart.
Release it.
My kids.
My future.
My husband.
My job.
Our finances.
"To Me", Spirit says.... "I provide."

But, what crumbles?
What fails?
What ends?
What hurts?

"It could do that while you hold it tightly...." Spirit says. "But I could do more on your behalf if you'd let go of it."

Oh. Sip more coffee.
So much of the first half of life is filling. Getting. Obtaining. Maintaining.
This half is emptying. Releasing. Trusting.
Ouch. Ohhhh. I hear You now.
"Do you trust Me?"
Deep breath. More coffee.
"Haven't I been faithful?"
Floods of faithfulness moments and stories fill my mind and heart.
Then floods of peace.
Okay Papa.
You can have it all...

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  1. WOW. Hit me right between the eyes. This couldn't have been more perfectly timed than this moment for me. Thank you, dearest Anne, for listening to God's message and sharing it for me! (and those others who needed it, too) :)


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