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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Tuesday Pins of the Week

This week on Pinterest:

Two avenues of thought strike me about this pic and stir my soul. Restoring old vintage things for the beauty they were intended, and how that is not so different than restoring the soul. We aren't house flippers, just so you know. My husband and I have no skill where that's concerned. But, still I always had this dream of restoring an old house. So, our first home fit the bill. It was an 1895 frame home on Main Street, and we worked on it room by room before we sold and eventually moved to my dirt road. Homes are so much like people--covered in imperfections from heavy use and battering storms of decades of use. I love looking at this pic and just wondering about those stories...

So this week I just returned from a five day church conference with over 500 youth and adults. I looked like this at 7am, 8 am, 12 pm, 3pm, and 11pm!! LOL. But seriously, I was totally "juiced" with Jesus and the fellowship there!

These two pins strike me. Each character has a look on their face that speaks from their soul, something is stirring in them... What is that story? What is that emotion? What is that truth?

Of course, I can't get through a week on Pinterest without pinning something historical!! Just can't. Nope. So the above pin I love for the example of the "dance card" that is often written about in Edwardian or Regency historical stories. And the map below shows the trail that Lewis and Clark took to the Pacific Northwest. In high school I was blessed to ride the Amtrak train along much of the trail all the way from Indiana to Portland, Oregon. I hope one day to take my husband to see it!

What do you see in these pins?
Has anyone been on part of the Lewis & Clark trail?
Any house flippers or old home lovers out there?
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  1. I don’t flip houses but have lived in many houses. When I was a child I lived in a house built in 1836. My parents restored it. It is now a museum.

    1. Oh, please tell where?!! I grew up in an 1888 brick one room school house. My parents still live there and my kids really really hope it doesn't go out of the family. Lots of treasured memories there!


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